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We’re a multidisciplinary team with deep backgrounds across pharma, academia, and biotech. We believe if you want to impact patients’ lives through understanding disease pathways, you need multiple scientific perspectives.

Meet our dynamic team of change makers

Every day, our diverse group of talented scientists shows up to work as their whole-selves, looking to make a whole lot of impact. We give our coworkers the space and support to do it, too. We’re interested in changing the future of biologics – not each other.

Our culture fosters innovation at every level

From our science to our values, everything we do is by design.

Intention drives us, along with:

Our favorite words are “how,” “why,” and “what if?” By questioning what’s in front of us, we open more doors to what’s ahead.

Supportive Community
Together, we’re better. That’s why we believe in “one team” as well as the unique value each one of us brings.

Science is about creative problem-solving. We engage the right side of our brains to ensure no good solutions are left on the table.

The integrity of our data is paramount; but no less so than our personal character and how we treat each other.

Before every major discovery, there are multiple wrong turns. How you get back on-track is as important as where you end up.

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