The future of protein therapeutics is within proximity

InduPro brings emerging technologies and exceptional teams together to close in on new, innovative drug designs that induce proximity. It’s a groundbreaking advance in how the world thinks about and treats disease.

We leverage inherent and induced proximity to modulate disease biology towards next-generation therapeutics


Inherent proximity defines biology and creates transformative therapeutics for ADCs and TCEs

Induced proximity influences the composition of protein neighborhoods to redefine signaling

Without the right platform, defining and manipulating the architecture of the cell surface proteome is random at best – so we built our own platforms to remove the guesswork:

Membrane Interactomics (MInt)

Our comprehensive MInt database identifies novel targets and co-target pairings across a wide spectrum of diseases. An interactive data repository of inherently proximal surface proteins, it defines therapeutic opportunities for modulating disease biology.

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Proximity Modalities (ARRIS)

InduPro’s ARRIS platform brings together two proteins at the surface using multi-specific Ab technology.  These proximity modalties create new therapeutic opportunities and new biological understanding.

Therapeutic engineering (TE)

Our internal Ab discovery and engineering capabilities are comprised of a full internal suite of protein characterization and optimization tools. This enables the development of next generation therapeutics.

We take an end-to-end approach

The more complicated the research, the more it demands a clearly articulated approach to support it. Our approach is built on these end-to-end pillars:


an industry leading toolbox of binders to modifier enzymes


the most compelling applications of induced proximity


new biology and targets through our platforms


robust clinical molecules that address unmet medical need

Our investors in shaping the future

These diverse investors believe in our mission – and in our ability to see it through.

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